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A New York City Podcast

If you love NYC then this is the podcast for you! Welcome to Gossipnista, a New York City lifestyle podcast that seeks to continue enriching the lives of New Yorkers and those looking to move here. 

I’m your host Mariana Monks a newlywed and newbie to NYC. This podcast which has a pop culture reference to it was created for those who love New York City and want to live their best lives in it.

After my lifelong dream of moving from one coast to another - Los Angeles to New York City, I quickly realized the Big Apple would be no easy walk in the park. I had a million questions and needed answers, so I decided to start this podcast with the intention to learn, educate, and more importantly answer all the questions about the city for the many that would come after me.

Bringing you my insight and lessons periodically on the podcast, you’ll most often hear the stories of those who live in the city, along with native New Yorkers, recent transplants, experts in various topics, and staples of the Empire State.

Im beyond excited for this journey and to learn more about you as well as connect with all who share my same passion for NYC. I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to DM or email me at

Lastly please subscribe, rate, and review Gossipnista wherever you listen to podcasts plus follow along on Instagram @gossipnista and @gossipnistapodcast. Thanks for supporting! 





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